Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Action Kit

IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit shows schools how to carry out a practical plan to improve indoor air problems at little- or no-cost using straightforward activities and in-house staff. The Kit provides:

  • best practices
  • industry guidelines
  • sample policies
  • a sample IAQ management plan

Reference Guides

IAQ Coordinator’s Guide

This document is designed for the IAQ Coordinator at the school and district levels. It offers guidance on preventing and solving most indoor air problems with minimal cost and coordinating IAQ projects with other members of an IAQ team. The guide provides basic IAQ information, guidance for developing an IAQ management plan and suggestions for resolving IAQ problems.

EPA 402/K-07/008, January 2009

IAQ Reference Guide

This guidance provides common-sense measures for preventing, diagnosing and resolving most indoor air problems with minimal cost and involvement. This guide helps schools understand how IAQ problems develop, the importance of good IAQ and its impact on students, staff and building occupants. One section provides suggestions for dealing with an IAQ crisis and for communicating IAQ information to students, staff, parents and the community. The appendices of this guide offer detailed information on IAQ-related topics including:

  • mold
  • radon
  • secondhand smoke
  • asthma
  • portable classrooms
  • basic measurement equipment
  • hiring professional assistance
  • codes and regulations
  • integrated pest management.

The document also includes information on typical indoor air pollutants and pollutants from motor vehicles and equipment.

EPA 402/K-07/008 January 2009

Problem Solving Tool

Use this interactive tool! We’ve taken the IAQ Tools for Schools Problem Solving Wheel and made it available on the web. Click on a health symptom to review a list of possible causes of these complaints. Then, use the resources and checklists available in the IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit to identify and respond to IAQ issues. Find out what to do in an emergency.

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